Protecting Main Street and Your Street

Cyber Criminals are targeting Small to Mid-Size Business

Cyber criminals are increasingly attacking small and medium-sized businesses that don't have the resources to keep updating their computer and network systems, according to federal authorities.

Many of the attackers belong to organized cyber gangs that are located overseas, and they are able to steal not only credit card numbers, personal information but are directly targeting company’s bank accounts. The cyber-gangs are using malicious software known as malware — mal means bad — the thieves managed to obtain passwords and other vital security information.

However, these attacks are not garnering much attention in the national media despite elevated law enforcement chatter on the subject that has culminated in the FBI issuing a warning of fraud threats to small businesses, as of October 2009, there has been approximately $100 million in attempted losses.

The issue is millions of small to mid-size businesses are vulnerable and they are blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking in their computers. These cyber-criminals are stealing $1,500-$40,000 at time…Does not sound that bad, however hit thousands of companies 10 times and it adds up quick. This could have a huge impact on the way business is conducted at the local level.

Larger companies have taken on more sophisticated computer network protections, cyber criminals have adapted and going after the smaller businesses who do not have such high-level security.

Protect Your Business Investment

You have invested time and money to bring your business to life. You buy insurance to protect yourself ,put locks on your doors and install fire alarms to protect your premises. Have you made computer security the same priority? Organizations must be able to trust their computer security and stability, yet these critical resources are under daily attack. What is at risk?
• Your money
• Your data
• Your identity
• Your hard earned business reputation
A computer failure or breach could damage a business’s reputation and add additional unplanned cost for damages and recovery. Don’t take any chances! The small business owner who recognizes the threat of computer crime and takes steps to deter inappropriate activities, is less likely to become a victim.

Fortifying your company against cyber threats represents a critical and fundamental step you must take as a business owner to protect your valuable financial or other important information from falling into the wrong hands. Just as you would never leave the front door to your business unlocked when you are not there, you must make sure the same precautions are taken with your computer system to make sure it is safely protected.

Protecting your business is fairly simple and all it takes is for you to educate yourself and your employees about safe cyber security practices and starts with three critical tasks:
• Assess Risks
• Monitor Threats to Businesses
• Draft Computer Plan
Computer security is an ever changing environment. It is essential that you stay educated on how to protect yourself and your organization! We invite you to come learn how to keep your data safe from attack or exploitation.